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Update on the 312 build, Header Failure & Success, Y Block Parts Find, and News about Fast Fords!

Updated: Apr 5

These long tube headers should work!

If you look closely at the photo you will recognize the fact that this is not the Hot Rod Reverend's engine bay! This happens to be a picture of an online advertisement that I noticed in a Facebook group for mid-50's Fords. For all the flak we give social media there are times when these avenues can be a good source for parts. Over the past two weeks there has been quite a flurry of activity in the shop and in other locales as parts have been purchased, swapped, modified, and all the rest!

312 Y Block Build

First, let me give you an update on the 312 build. I finally made a call to John Mummert, of Mummert Machine in El Cajon, California, to discuss selecting a camshaft and valve spring combination. I already have NOS FoMoCo lifters and a new set of Sealed Power tubular push rods so we are all good there. The camshaft of your engine is basically its heart, the organ that gives life to all of the extremities around it. We all know that valve timing, phasing, and lift are extremely critical to your engine's ability to make power. Particularly so are the details of a cam's specifications that will give its so called "power band" as well. I think many DIY fellas like myself just choose a camshaft off the shelf because what others say it did in their car, what the promotional literature and videos all try to sell, etc. You cannot beat a simple phone call and conversation with a machinist who is active in cam grinding and selection. John and I discussed my build, my rear end gearing, my transmission, my current rpm at cruise, and of course what I was looking to actually "do" with the engine. When we degree the camshaft in I will give more specifics on such details, but for now just know that yesterday a brown truck dropped off these...

The Isky S-934 is a special grind not commonly available off the shelf.

Yep, we are going with a camshaft that will give us .500 lift at the valve my friends!

Mummert recommended these heavy duty valve springs - sure to help keep it all together.

In addition, brand new intake and exhaust valves and valve seats all showed up at my house this past week. Good thing too, for I had been in contact with a machinist, Ken Corrill, concerning the work that needed to be done on those heads I had picked up from our friend Harry Hutten. Just this morning I took the hour trip to his shop in Adams County, Ohio, to drop off all of the parts and another set of ECZ-G heads that I had just picked up in Gibsonburg, Ohio, right at 3 hours away from my residence.

I am not telling what I paid, let's just say the law was chasing me down the highway!

Y Block Parts Find

Now this is where social media and specifically Facebook Marketplace comes in. I was perusing through some listings on Friday night when I fell across a post where 2 sets of heads - 1 pair of ECZ-G and 1 pair of 5752-113 - plus a few sets of rocker arms, hardware, etc, were all listed for a very low price. I did not ask questions but messaged the fella on Saturday morning and arranged to drive up to his place later that afternoon. Thankfully, the owner of the parts still used a phone to have live conversations on speaking terms and did business with a handshake. Come to find out, the parts were listed quite low because the seller was a Chevy man. A Corvette on the lift in the shop, several SBC blocks in various states of readiness, etc, etc. He was very gracious though and we talked for quite a bit about old cars, engines, the Y Block, and he even promised to read one of the gospel pamphlets I have written that highlight the Y Block as a kickstarter! Lo and behold but what treasure was lying in the lot but a Mallory YD centrifugal advance distributor! The shaft was not wobbly at all and the gear had very little wear. The trip took over 7 hours, but it was well worth it I will testify. The set of G heads I received in this deal were also dropped off at Ken Corrill's so he could magna-flux them and give me his thoughts on condition. Some of the parts were obviously from a marine application. There was even a set of reverse rotation timing gears in the lot. Plus, there was an intake/carb setup he is trying to sell and a very nice 272/292 crank and rods that had minimal wear. I could have taken the rest of it for $250 but passed on them for now. Maybe someone who reads the blog would be interested? The pictures are below...

Looking for Y Block parts? let me know and I will give you the contact information.

Speaking of finding parts online, check out these photos:

These headers appear to be the Jerry Christenson version - I do not know how many exist.

A shop in Pennsylvania listed the above 292 Y Block for sale (a customer was removing it so that a 390 FE could be installed) but said nothing about the headers. I messaged the shop to find that the engine was being sold but the buyer had no interest in the headers. I made an offer, it was accepted, and just yesterday the shop was boxing these up to ship to my residence. They look to be in pretty good shape, and most probably when these arrive I will check fitment in my car (you can tell these were installed in a 1956 Ford passenger car), remove, blast, and then send out to be ceramic coated. You may be interested to know as well that I sold a few more parts to raise the funds necessary to purchase a set of RexHP headers as well. The will come coated and ready to install. When they arrive, I certainly plan to make comparison photos and maybe a video or two that shows the differences.

SBC to Y Block Header Build

Well, I have had many questions via email, social media, and on my YouTube account concerning part 2 of the header build. I decided to post this video a little bit earlier than normal since I am not quite done with welding up the header flanges to the tubes and I have to be out of town for several days. However, by now you can probably surmise that the plan did not work in the engine bay. This video shows more of the process, the issues encountered, etc. While I am somewhat disappointed, it was still a good learning experience, very little cost to me (especially when I sold the SBC flanges, will install the collectors, and then will use the headers on my run stand), and in the end I have two nice sets of headers coming my way!

Fast Fords (June 17-19, 2022)

Race organizers believe that June's race weekend "Fast Fords at Dragway 42" will be very well attended, to the possibility of being double or even triple the participation level we enjoyed in 2021. Obviously, I am praying for good weather all weekend! In the works right now are these items: the 2022 Race Program, the Hot Rod Reverend's Drag Racers New Testament, and even a speical flyer just for the Y Block enthusiasts. Bob Martin, a long time Y Block man and track photographer was on the phone with me last week and made a promise to give me Y Block clip art and photos that I could use for speical promotions. I am sure we will have some of that up for you soon. This year we will have a large tent erected whereby we can assemble for the driver's meeting on Saturday, for the church service on Sunday morning, and for Hot Rod Reverend headquarters. The tent will easily seat up to 300 people and for those of you who know the size of Dragway 42 in West Salem, putting this tent more towards the center of the pit area will be a tremendous help. A powered sound system and a nice platform will make the driver's meeting and other announcements much easier to hear. Of course, we will have free donuts and coffee again, looking to distribute on Saturday morning this year. If you would like for me to send you a 2022 printed flyer or a race program from 2021, do contact me with your mailing address. I will be glad to send you those for free on my dime.

We are already making changes to the 2021 Fast Fords map to reflect 2022 locations!

News and Notes

For those of you that are wondering, yes, I have a new email address associated with this website. If need to contact me, please use my new address - The contact from this website has grown extensively over the past year and at times I tend to lose people in the mix because so much happens with my general email account. Having this dedicated account should serve to keep me on point and in touch with all of our subscribers. And, if you have not done so already please subscribe to the blog to receive email updates at this page: Please tell your friends and your buddies - visit today and share the link!

The Hot Rod Reverend

aka Daniel Jessup


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