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2022 Fast Fords and the Y Block Shootout! (Part 3)

Updated: Apr 5

It was a privilege to meet people like Ray and Gabe Tomorrowitz!

The responses to my coverage of the Fast Fords and Y Block Shootout at Dragway 42 have been wonderful, and I certainly appreciate the feedback from so many. As I write this article we are coming up on July 4 here in the States and of course that means celebrations for Independence Day are well underway in our US culture. As a citizen, I am certainly thankful for the freedom we have in this country, its people, and its rich heritage. We are far from perfect. Our history proves that fact. However, there is no place and there is no people among whom I would rather live than in this great land.

We fly the US flag proudly at public events we attend here in the States.

In this last post concerning the event, allow me to give you the real reason why weekends like these are successful and so enjoyable. After participating in Fast Fords now the second year in a row, I am amazed at how many travel such great distances to join us. Even in spite of the rise in gasoline prices, over the 3 days of events we had many more racers registered than 2021; and on Saturday the entire grounds were alive with a small car show, car corral, and a swap meet. It was a treat to see more people filling the grandstands to watch the racing.

Spending time with Joe Fritz in the tower during a break in the action...

If you have not guessed it by now, I really believe that the greatest part of the race weekend is the people. The old Fords are just the impetus that brings us all together to participate. Sure, all of us love the cars, we love the nostalgia. And if you subscribe to this blog you know for a fact that I like turning wrenches in the garage like the rest of you. However, I am glad that I am not alone when it comes to the hobby, nostalgia racing, or even the DIY aspect of classic car restoration. It is a joy of mine to make friends and build relationships all along the way in life. When I started if you would have told me that I would have over 1,300 site visits a month I would have never believed you. I am overwhelmed by the number of people who reach out, contact me, or call me on the phone to discuss things about old Fords or to just shoot the breeze. It seems like each week I make a new friend!

Dave Fuszner and his really quick 1957 Ford sedan - this thing rolls!

Now, it is also no secret that I am a preacher of the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. For some, this is a divisive issue. We live in a day when people are easily offended, everyone has a gripe, and very few get along in life. These divisions are easily witnessed by what we see in the "news" world, politics, culture, and yes, even in churches. As the chaplain of Fast Fords, it was a joy to pray to God for safety, to publicly thank God for what we could all enjoy at the track, and to preach the gospel on Sunday morning under the Victory Tent. Our team was thrilled to see so many people ask for a copy of the "Drag Racer's New Testament" and of course everyone who entered the gate was given a race program that included spiritual help.

From the tower, I led us all in prayer before eliminations on Sunday morning.

Declaring the gospel of Jesus Christ on Sunday morning at Fast Fords...

Many of you have thanked me for the coverage of Fast Fords and the Y Block Shootout here on the blog pages; and from what I can tell there are hundreds of you who would have loved to have joined us but could not do so for various reasons. While I do not have a clear video of the church service on Sunday morning, I have included a link to a video that I hope you will take the time to watch. This is the gospel that I preach far and wide.

The Hot Rod Reverend

aka Daniel Jessup


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