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Recent Visit to Dragway 42 to prepare for Fast Fords...

The Hot Rod Reverend with owner Mary Anne Matcham

If you have been following this story on the blog then you know that we are only 2 weeks away from the Fast Fords weekend at Dragway 42, taking place on June 18-20. This past Thursday on the 4th I had the privilege of meeting Ron and Mary Anne Matcham (the owners of the track) to take a tour of the entire facility. Ron and Mary are as genuine and as humble as they come - it was easy for me to tell why this track has become so popular in recent years. They bought the track in 2013, scheduled their first season in 2014, and began making improvements not long after that. Even in the rain Mary Anne took me around to see different parts of the facility, explaining much of the setup as we went along.

The race program with a special Hot Rod Reverend insert is still in the proofing stage...

The red arrow points to where I plan to set up the trailer for the weekend...

We still have a few particulars undecided such as the car show and swap meet locations, and of course we need to point out where the Y Block Shootout race cars will be congregating. For me personally, I wanted to discover where I could set up my Y Block Ministries flatbed trailer since we will be serving donuts and coffee on Sunday morning and holding a church service between 8:15 and 8:45 am for anyone that is able to join us. The sermon title will be "Hot Rods, Heaven, and Hell!" from the gospel of John and chapter 3. If you examine the aerial photo above, the red arrow is pointing at the place where the ET signs are located; we plan to set up at the pedestrian access along the road.

Mark your calendars for this event on Father's Day weekend (June 18-20) and join me and my friend, Tony Fritz, at the Dragway 42 race track in West Salem, Ohio. I will be staying at the Holiday Inn Express in Ashland, roughly 20 minutes from the track. I have already discovered that most area hotels have already sold out of rooms so you may have to look to a neighboring town for accommodations. We do hope you can join us. Mary Anne Matcham did let me know that all racers can stay overnight at the race track for no extra cost once their entry fee is paid.


Last week my son and I also began video work on a special presentation for the website here. It will include a brief introduction of myself, a little about the 55 Ford, and even a tutorial concerning how to use the website blog and some other features. The plan is to put the video on the home page for ease of access. Stay tuned!

The Hot Rod Reverend

aka Daniel Jessup


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