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1955 Ford Part 82: Milford, Ohio Weekly Cruise-in

Updated: Dec 27, 2019

Milford, Ohio Weekly Cruise-in


All across the United States (and most probably in other parts of the world as well) there exists informal gatherings of classic car enthusiasts called a "Cruise-in." Usually these events are held sometime during the weekend when a majority of people do not have work responsibilities, and often large parking lots of local businesses in rural America will host a gathering of collector vehicles. Often, these Cruise-in's begin life as an impromptu meeting of friends with very little promotion to the general public. As the months pass however, the Cruise-in has the ability to become quite a display of antique iron.

One such example is our local Cruise-in held at a parking lot in Milford, Ohio, on state route 28 each Friday evening when the weather is clear. Cars, trucks, motorcycles, and so much more will assemble in the spaces that are really reserved for customers of the business plaza. On a good night, literally hundreds of vehicles can show up, vying for position among the rows of vintage tin on display.

Since the 55 Ford Fairlane is back on the road, I decided to give the Cruise-in a whirl and see what was happening. There were some very beautiful examples of Detroit's finest down through the years!

The owner of this pretty Ford was very friendly and helpful to answer my questions

This 59 Ford was in very good shape to be a driver vehicle

The owner of the 59 was not present, but I assume this was the original 292

A 1955 Crown Victoria, mildly customized, was a show-stopper

Very clean lines were present on all sides of the 55 Crown Victoria

3 deuces! And the relay on the firewall meant it had the 3 speed with overdrive

The 55 Crown Victoria also sported an under-dash record player!

This late 70's Chrysler Cordoba was there - an example of my wifes' first car!

The Cordoba seemed to be in very good condition, but my wife was not interested...

At times, collectors use the Cruise-in as a car corral to sell their vehicle

This little Alpine Sunbeam was one example of a decent car to start a project...

Unfortunately the owner was high on weed that weekend...

Now here is a project I would like to have, and old Studebaker truck!

If you are interested, the Studebaker truck still may be for sale

On the day that I went to the Cruise-in, I made a very critical mistake. I assumed that many of the cars would not be rolling in until supper time, but I was wrong in that assumption and paid for the miscalculation in having to park very far away from the hub of the action. With the businesses all being open during the Cruise-in, and what with many customers still using the parking lot as well, the further one had to park away from the hub of activity the more one got lost in the shuffle...

The next time I go I plan to show up at least by 4 pm to secure a good spot, break out the lawn chairs, and speak to the passers by about the 55 Ford Fairlane. There seem to be hundreds of collector vehicles present each Friday night in good weather, and when you throw in the patrons at the shopping center the area becomes a nightmare to navigate. I only saw one 55 Ford (the Crown Victoria), and there were two tri-five Thunderbirds there. All in all, with about 300 collector vehicles there were fewer than 5 that had a Ford Y Block for power! Hopefully we can improve that number again soon.

the Hot Rod Reverend

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