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The 1955 Ford pulls double-duty as Santa's sleigh!

Updated: Apr 5

Santa and Mrs. Claus showed up at the staff Christmas party in the 1955 Ford!

What have we here? For the annual church staff Christmas party, the Hot Rod Reverend and his wife were asked to make sure that the married couple from the North Pole showed up at the breakfast to start the day. So, the 1955 Ford Club Sedan was assigned the task of bringing Mr. and Mrs. Claus to the property so that all of the kids could have a little fun and take some photos before leaving for Knot's Berry Farm later that morning. The old Ford always draws a crowd, but this past Monday morning that was especially true as Santa Claus was seen behind the wheel. Thankfully, Kris Kringle had no problem exchanging the reins of his sleigh for a steering wheel and a Hurst synrco-loc shifter!

The trunk of the 1955 Ford received a personalized touch this past week before Christmas.

In western culture, there is quite a bit that makes Christmas a festive time of year. People enjoy the lights and decorations, the merry music, the parties and activities, and especially the gift exchanges. Personally, I enjoy the times with family. This coming holiday week will be a highlight of the year for me and my wife since all our children and our son-in-law are flying out to spend time with us. Both my parents and my wife's parents are not able to travel because of health issues, and we will certainly miss them. I never take for granted the relationships God has given me - they are truly gifts from the Lord.

Among all the Christmas hooplah and merry-making, let me encourage you to keep Christ in Christmas. One of the ways you could do that would be to attend a Christmas Eve service at a church that believes and teaches the Bible. Hopefully in your area you have a church that emphasizes the redemptive, saving power of the Lord Jesus Christ and is faithful to preach the gospel. Each Christmas season my wife and I try to participate in activities that present the birth of Christ and the significance of the occasion a little over 2,000 years ago. I pray that you will have the opportunity to contemplate the true meaning of Christmas.

I had the privilege of narrating this year's Christmas musical at our church.

What Child is This?

If you listen to any Christan music during the Christmas season then you have probably heard of the song, "What Child is This?" - it is a famous Christmas carol written by William Dix in 1865. This year, our church prepared and presented an original Christmas musical with the same title. I was asked to narrate for the program and was glad to take part both nights. I encourage you to watch the presentation with family and friends this holiday season and consider the answer to the question, "What Child is This?" The video embedded below is a full recording of the production, and the musical begins at the 13:50 mark on the slider.

Merry Christmas!

The Hot Rod Reverend

aka Daniel Jessup


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