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Parts for Sale - some of the Hot Rod Reverend's personal inventory!

Various Y Block engine cores are available for purchase in North Carolina.

By now you have read the post that announced our move to California that is coming very soon. As of April 2023, there are a plethora of good, quality parts that I will not be moving out west with me. Last week I hauled quite a bit of my personal inventory down to my dad’s garage and shop in Walkertown, North Carolina, and much of it is for sale. Walkertown is located just above Winston Salem, and access to my dad’s residence is just off or Rte 66.

This post will be specific to describing what is for sale, what the pricing is like, and how to contact my dad. If you have questions, I can certainly help concerning inventory for I have a good handle on condition, parts, etc, but for logistics, payment, pickup, etc, Don Jessup would be the go to for the rest of it. He is a school teacher, so do keep that kind of schedule in mind if you make arrangements for payment and pick up.

Contact: Don Jessup, 5854 Jones Road, Walkertown, North Carolina 27051

Phone: (336) 825-1387


Y Block Cores and Parts

Among the blocks we have for sale is a good, rotating 292 C2AE block (with ECZ-C heads someone installed years ago), a good, rotating 272 ECG block with ECZ-C heads, a stuck core 292 EDB block with G heads I am told, and another 292 block that I know runs well with no smoke. However, that block has one ECZ-G head and one C1TE head as I recall. In addition to the 4 blocks, there are several sets of heads - a rebuilt pair of ECZ-B heads, a core set of ECZ-B heads, a very nice set of 5752-113 (I believe these were rebuilt before I bought them but I never ran them and never verified that - they certainly looked that way), a very nice set of C1TE heads (again, they look to have been rebuilt and never ran), a core set of ECZ-C heads that would need to be reworked, and a core set of 5750-471 heads that would need to be refurbished as well. He cannot ship anything, but I did leave a good engine hoist so if you showed up with your truck loading would be quite easy to do. A couple of the blocks were removed from trucks, and one was verified to be an engine that was in a fire truck (two cores have the 90 degree oil filter adapters.)

Prices on the heads range from $75 to $250 for the sets ready to go, and the cores range from $100 for the C2AE block to $350 for the one out of the fire truck that was running just fine when I put it away.

In addition to the cores and the heads, I do have a couple of flywheels - one 11" and one 10", quite a few timing covers, valve covers, two F100 bell housings (one with the mount for hydraulic clutch), very nice 1957 exhaust manifolds, header parts and pieces, one Holley 4000 carburetor from a large truck (it has the governor on it), and several transmissions. There is a 3 speed cast iron Fordomatic, a couple of BW259 R10 3 speeds, and a standard 3 speed from a 1955 Ford wagon. All transmissions need to be rebuilt and are sold as cores. There is a nice T86, R10 3 speed in the mix, and that one is $150. That top loader should not need a rebuild but I would recommend opening it up and maybe replacing the gaskets. Along with the larger, heavier items we do have starters, generators, and other bolt-on hardware and sub-assemblies. All of these are cores and are sold as such; most all of those units range from $10-$25.

I do not have any intake manifolds or other carburetors.

There is a brand new F100 Y Block radiator, still in the box for $200, some new and used ignition parts such as distributors (nothing for a 54 model year), air cleaners for Holley 4000 1956 Ford, 57-59 Ford Y Block air cleaners, some nice oil bath air cleaners for trucks, etc. Core prices such as $25 are on the distributors, most air cleaners are at $50, and the small parts are pretty cheap.

1955 - 56 Ford Parts

We have sheet metal such as fenders, inner fenders, dashes, and even a few of the front seat guards (sheet metal covers on either side at the bottom). There is quite a bit of stainless, but we have nothing for Crown Victoria's, Sunliner's, or hardtops. Most of the stainless is for the 1955 model year and will fit sedans or wagons. There is Fairlane trim with that stash, and each piece is only $5 each. There is a nice set of seat backs for a two door 1955 or 56 Ford sedan or wagon. They have been stripped to metal and springs and are very good cores. Core parts such as parking light housings, tail light housings, small hardware, e-brake cable assemblies, and even suspension parts such as front lower and upper control arms are in the mix. There are complete rear end assemblies from both wagon (3.56) and sedan, but we have no leaf springs or coil springs. Rear end assemblies are $50-$75 each. Some of the other parts - contact my dad for pricing. Steering gear cores, miscellaneous interior and exterior hardware, and even wiring sockets/pigtails are stored away as well.

If you are highly interested, I would suggest a personal visit to my dad's place. The prices are certainly negotiable, and there is more in storage (but accessible in a dry garage) than I could list here. 90% of the parts are tagged and priced. When you contact my dad, tell him the Hot Rod Reverend sent you!

The Hot Rod Reverend

aka Daniel Jessup


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