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1955 Ford Part 47: Vapor Barrier for Interior Panels

Updated: Dec 27, 2019

Vapor Barrier for Interior Panels

Since the insulation was now finished it was time to consider the interior panels before laying the jute and carpet. Back a number of posts ago I had made custom panels and covered them with insulation and marine vinyl. As I finished up that project I remembered how as a teenager I had removed the Visquine vapor barrier that was protecting the door panel on the passenger side and within a few months of driving the car during times it rained, washing the car from time, etc, the moisture had finally warped the original panel. Duh! I was determined not to let that happen this time so on with the show.

The first thing I did was to purchase the items in the pictures below:

It is difficult to read the but the plastic sheeting I purchased was 3.5 mils thick.

After cleaning the interior sheet metal of the door and the walls for the rear seat, I cut small strips of the double-sided tape and placed them in strategic locations on the metal. The idea was not to make a continuous bead but just to have enough adhesive to keep the barrier in place. A section of material was placed over the door frame with some room to trim the edges out. The second picture below shows the pockets at the bottom where the small clips that hold the weight of the panel insert into the door itself. The other two photos show the end results of placing the vapor barrier on the doors and the interior walls. Beyond that at the end of post I have placed a video that shows the details of the process.

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