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1955 Ford Part 42: Floor Insulation

Updated: Dec 27, 2019

Floor Insulation

Lately I have been out of town quite a bit as our ministry team travels to different churches across the country holding events for children. You can view some things about my life calling by visiting As the director of the entire outfit it keeps a fella pretty busy! I was thankful to have “off” for Easter weekend and celebrate the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ with our home church.

On Saturday I finished up installing the floor insulation. You may recall a few posts back as I was fabricating new vinyl covers for the door panels that I used material from this company (EZ Cool):

I had purchased a large roll of it on eBay after reading the good reviews on internet forums where DIY restorers and wrench-turners like myself frequent. The first installation of the material was applied between the backerboard of each panel and the vinyl cover. The cell-foam like sheeting is very light and thin and was suited for the purpose it seems. Now it was time to glue the insulation to the entire floor of the interior of the car.

The first job to accomplish was to vacuum the floorboard and then wipe away all dust. Next I measured a piece of the material so that it would fit between the walls from side to side at the rear. Once that large piece was set into place it was time to “trim to fit” the pieces as I navigated the curves, depressions, and bumps along the way. Because the transmission hump rides up the middle I decided to make three sections to make the work go a little easier. The company I had purchased the insulation from had included a squeegee, box cutter, and foil tape so off we went.

A section at a time, I brushed contact cement onto the floor and waited for a light cure of the adhesive. This plan worked well since I could trim the next piece(s) to be installed while waiting for the cement to set up. From there it was a simple process of setting each section into place and then using foil tape for the seams.

As I worked my way to the firewall things got a little trickier because there were items that needed to be addressed such as the shifter, accelerator pedal, etc. This all went according to plan and I was happy with the results. You can see from the photos that I did mark the location of each mounting hole in the floor as I went along. I will be reinstalling the seat belts in the rear and the new 3 point belts up front. Of course the front seat also has 4 holes for the studs that go through the floorboards.

The floor ended up looking like I had layered it with aluminum foil! It is my understanding though that this will seriously aid in climate control and cabin comfort – something mama has mandated for this ride!

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