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1955 Ford Follies

Updated: Dec 14, 2019

In August of 2014 I began working on a 1955 Ford Fairlane Club Sedan. This was not just any project car - this was my first car back when I was 17. Over the years as I went to college, started a family, and moved locations among three different states, it sat neglected. From a great distance the car looked just fine, but the closer you came you could notice the paint and body problems, the faded interior, and the dulled brightwork. Add to that the mechanical issues of a leaking transmission and rear end, a worn steering gear box, and front cross member that had large rusted areas where entire sections were eaten through and it was even more apparent that the car needed serious attention. However in 2014 I was no longer 16, but 40 years old. I knew a thing or two... or so I thought. Disassembly began and the road ahead looked long but fulfilling.

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