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1955 Ford Part 91: Projects during the Coronavirus Lockdown

Updated: Apr 6

"Projects during the Coronavirus Lockdown"


Many of us in the United States are under executive orders by state governors to "stay-at-home" in order that we do not spread the Coronavirus any more than what it has already taken hold. Here in Ohio, that began a little less than a week ago. While I can do some office work from home, most of what I do in church work with children's ministries includes personal interaction with children and volunteers in children's ministries across the country. Obviously, it seems like everything, including business, social, and religious life, has come to a screeching halt as the pause button has been pressed. One of the ways I am taking advantage of extra time is in this area of completing projects, preparing parts for sale, and as you can see... writing more blog posts for the many subscribers to my website!

The weather here in southern Ohio finally reached the high 60s/low 70s this week, so I was able to break out a can of direct-to-metal primer/surfacer for the four wheels I want to paint later this summer. In prior posts, I have mentioned that the main primer I use is from a small business in Virginia called "Tamco." I learned of this product by the information I received on an auto body and paint forum at If you are doing any body work at all on your vehicle I highly suggest you visit that website and join the forum. There are many helpful people who will give sound advice - from the DIY guys like myself to the experts who make a living by completing body and paint work for the general public.

Some experts would say, "Why not just go with an epoxy primer first?" Good question. The answer as to why I went this route is threefold:

1. I did not have the time nor wherewithal to strip the paint from the entire car. The white in the tutone paint job was a real problem (see previous posts concerning the issues).

2. If only stripping the white, I would then have both large places of bare metal AND finished areas of color that only needed a light coat. DTM primer/surfacer would help me accomplish the priming of the bare metal while building up to the level of the color paint thickness on each panel.

3. I thought it more budget-friendly to purchase only one type of primer that had such versatile properties.

Some of this is shown below in one of my archived videos concerning the fenders. On the areas where I had to weld patches onto the fender, the surfacing properties of this primer was very good as it helped me build thickness to match the existing level of the others areas on the panel that had existing paint that was already in good shape. Additionally, this particular primer can be thinned out with reducer and sprayed as a sealer. It is really a versatile product. I used a little less than two cans on the car as I primed, blocked, filled, blocked, and got everything prepped for color coat. I do not want to write much more on this because you may think I work for this company, but the sanding properties of this primer are wonderful! It sands as soft as you please!

Ok, now back to March, 2020, and the use of the primer on this set of "rims" for the Fairlane. The video below shows the product being sprayed on a set of original 1955/56 Ford steel wheels, and it also gives further information about the materials, some details concerning my setup, etc.

On the delivery of the paint to my house... you can see from the photos that there was some damage. I did not open the box until a few days after the paint had arrived, but in the past Tamco has been pretty good about shipping out a replacement if there any issues. (See my previous posts on shooting clear coat - I get my clear from the same company.)

The company does try to pack things well - foam peanuts, double boxes, a lid protector, etc. But this time around FedEx found a way to damage it pretty good. Some of the paint had even leaked out of the can. As I recall, they may be able to get their money back from FedEx since it was damaged in the shipping process.

After I shot 3 coats of primer on the wheels, it was time to test fit the E code valley pan to the C2AE block that you see in the title photo above. This was just a test run to double-check the straightness of the mounting surfaces all the way around. Thankfully, there was not much of an issue here and except for the corner where the oil fill tube is located, it all mated up very well.

Within the last few days, I was able to clean up and repaint a timing cover, a crankcase beehive breather (the one for the driver's side of a Y block, water pump pulley, timing pointer, original oil filter canister, and a few other odds and ends. My son has been helping me clean out the garage as well - just to re-organize and maintain the ability to find tools and parts as needed. This coming week I do plan to put together 3 or 4 rocker arm assemblies. I have quite a few OEM 1.43 rocker arms and then I do have one nice set of 1.54 from a 1957 312 Y block. Also, I acquired an NOS set of Barker Hi-Lift rocker arms made in the 50s. We can document all of that later and let you know what will be available for sale soon.

This Coronavirus situation has many, many people uptight, fearful, and depressed. None of us really know where all of this will land the healthcare industry, the economy, or maybe even the very lives of those we love. A church ministry partner of ours came down with the COVID-19 and was in serious condition for several days in the hospital but has since recovered and is now resting at home. Others who contract the virus may not have the same results. I hope that you take inventory of the things that really matter in life. What of your relationships? What of your loved ones? What of your standing before God? Psalm 119:153 declares, "Consider my affliction and deliver me: for I do not forget thy law." My prayer would be that every reader of this article be prepared for the after-life. This is something for which only God can make you ready. Would you visit my page on this site entitled "Remember" and let me know your thoughts? As much as I enjoy passing on the knowledge of Y Block Fords to the next generation, there is no greater work I have, nor effort I must make, than to give the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Keeping the FaYth,

The Hot Rod Reverend

aka Daniel Jessup


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