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1955 Ford Holley 4000 Rebuild

Lately I have been busy with cleaning, assembling, and rebuilding the Holley 4000. In addition to my ongoing custom work of a matching set of carburetors for the 2x4 installment, I recently finished a 1955 Ford Holley 4000 for a customer out west. This model was an ECK (the 54’s were EBY and then the 56’s were ECZ) 9510 with a list number of 1074 1.

This post includes a couple of the videos of the rebuild and some tips on getting things set straight. Visit previous blog posts to view pictures and videos of disassembly and cleaning – most of that archived material concerns the ECZ version but the main differences would be the choke and the secondary tubes. For all practical purposes, everything else is the same. Remember that for 1954 and 1955 the Holley 4000 did not have a thermostatic choke mounted on its throttle body – the choke assembly was actually mounted to the intake manifold. The secondary tubes on the ECK also take a very tight bend at the top of the tubes as they enter the fuel bowl lid.

(note the photo above of the secondary tubes from the ECK core I had on hand - I discovered a hairline crack in the interior radius of one of the secondary tubes and had to replace it. This would have been an obvious leak when the carburetor was installed and the fuel began to flow through these tubes.)

These videos are a reminder that these carbs need attention to detail. While I do not go through each and every step to a rebuild of a Holley 4000, the information presented highlights the peculiarities and nuances of these carburetors.



I am also working on a video that will include tips and recommendations for the Holley 4000. Some of the footage will be from the ECK rebuild and other clips from the ECZ setup I am putting together. Hopefully that video can be posted to the website before March.

The work on the carburetors for the 1957 2x4 intake is nearing completion as the floats have been set, the vacuum signal matched, and the linkages reinstalled. Most of what remains would be the upgraded electric choke setup that will be mounted on the throttle body of each carburetor. The video work is quite extensive, and if you are a member of Facebook and the groups for the Y block or the 55-56 Ford Fairlanes then you most probably have seen a few clips I have posted concerning the work. All of it has been very well received. It will take some time to edit the videos, splice, add text or other visual references, and then post them to my Vimeo account, but you can expect that they will show up in a future blog post here on the Hot Rod Reverend website.

The Hot Rod Reverend

aka Daniel Jessup


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