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1955 Ford Part 60: Respraying the Clear Coat on the Roof

Updated: Dec 13, 2019

Respraying the Clear Coat on the Roof


This past weekend we finally got back to working on the car to complete all of the finishing touches. While there was still quite a bit to do on the Fairlane, I still could not get past looking at the roof each time I walked up to the car, opened one of the doors, etc. The finish of the clear coat looked great... from 5 feet away or more. It seems that I just had a difficult time trying to get all of the imperfections out of the surface. After all, I had sprayed the final coat while the car was in the open air in the driveway. The bugs had a wonderful time that afternoon competing in an Olympic swim meet in the pool of fresh Tamco 2100 urethane clear coat. I was never satisfied with the surface even though I tried several times to level the finish with different grades of sandpaper and a buffer. So, this past Saturday I prepped the roof, masked the car, and sprayed away. For this work I took quite a bit of video and included some captions.

I don't know what takes more time, sanding the car or masking everything off!

One thing that did help on this respray was to tape up my sleeves/gloves so that sweat drops would not get into the finish (had that happen last time too and it was not a pretty picture).

The videos tell the rest of the story...

While the surface looked the best it had ever been I still was not happy with the finish. I wanted to take it to another level so I went to the local auto parts store and bought a twisted wool buff pad so that I could get as serious as possible. What a difference!

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