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Christmas 2017 with Fords and Family

Updated: Dec 27, 2019

I am not sure how it happens but it seems that Fords and Family are always a part of our Holiday gatherings. Whether it's something I'm working on myself, a lead on a car for sale, a swap meet, or just a get together in general, Fords and Family go together for the Jessup clan. My parents came to town the week before Christmas to spend a few days with us and what did dad bring with him? Parts of course! I had purchased a four barrel Y block intake and Holley 4000, along with a 1955 Thunderbird air cleaner just a few weeks prior and had them shipped to mom and dad's to save some money. There were some aftermarket fender skirts thrown into the deal as well.

The skirts ended up being beyond the work I wanted to put into them to get them straight so they went up for sale immediately. The Thunderbird air cleaner was an oil bath unit and was specific only to 1955 I discovered, so that went up for sale as well. The Holley 4000 and intake I will hang on to for a little while. Mom and dad are always good sports about the Fords and the parts, and dad seems to be hauling stuff from North Carolina to Ohio from time to time. He even offered to take some body stands and other bulk equipment back to the NC for storage - for which I was grateful.

On Thursday morning before Christmas we loaded up the family and various belongings, luggage, and other things we owned to fill up the Chrysler Town and Country as much as we could - how the tailgate closed I have no idea! We traveled the 8 hours to Winchester, Virginia to spend time with my wife's family - wonderful people.

The second day we were there, what pops up on the radar screen but a 1955 Ford Town Sedan? (see title photo also) It happened to be 30 yards or so from the main road so I had to investigate.

I checked it over pretty good but no one was home on that Saturday morning. I immediately alerted my dad and told him about the car since he had said he was looking for one. The information on the data plate checked out, and I was impressed by the condition of the sheet metal when I inspected the car that morning. It was obvious after raising the hood though that the car was not running and not drive-able by any means. From the looks of things it had been sitting there for quite some time without moving. At least the owner had put in mouse traps here and there to try to keep the pests from taking up residence.

Dad decided to call the owner and was told that the asking price was $4500 but that $3800 would be taken for the 1955 Town Sedan. The body work had been done a long time ago with a few panels replaced (it appeared to me the fenders were not original to the car but they were in excellent shape). All of the parts to complete the car were in storage and would be brought out for serious inquiries only. "Rough but Restore-able!" Dad decided to pass for now, looking for something a little more ready to go than this car and preferably a 1956 model year. I thought the car was worth it because of the body work that had been done, solid floor pans, etc, but for someone like me to pull the trigger I would have had to go over it with a fine tooth comb and take a look at the parts in storage. This car should fall somewhere between 3K and 4K, but with it not being drive-able, the engine in unknown shape, etc, you basically have a shell of a good body to start with and have an expectation to spend quite a bit of money on this one.

For all of you that read this blog - a very Merry "belated" Christmas to you and Happy New Year. I consider myself to be a very blessed individual and am thankful to the God of Heaven for all that He has provided me. During this time of year when our country almost comes to a complete standstill between December 25th and January 1st, I trust you will consider the Christ of Christmas, who He is, and how He can give you a relationship with God. I have made a permanent page elsewhere on this site that explains to you what I believe God has done for me, and what He can do for you as well. My prayer is that you will take time to read it and contemplate the Scriptures. God bless and have a Happy New Year!

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