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1955 Ford Part 24: Body Work Update

Updated: Dec 27, 2019

(Note: You are reading the progress from a project that began in August of 2014. This information in this post was originally dated in September of 2017.)

19 "body working" hours in two days... and this is what I have accomplished. Good thing I have a real job!

Most of the work on the sail panels, the quarter panels, and the tail panel is completed. The door jambs have been sprayed as well. I plan to leave those as the SSU since the gloss is good enough. Not too much to speak of at this time other than quite a bit of block sanding, Evercoat glaze, primer-surfacer, and more sanding. How far do you go to get a panel straight? There is a good reason why restoration work, and specifically body work, is very expensive. T-I-M-E! After all the time I have invested myself I am really not sure how much of that is quality time. This car is shaping up to be a 5-footer, meaning that when you get close you will be able to see minor flaws. Of course, the more this is driven on the street, parking lots, etc, the more it will be dinged up and what have you. While I did want to take care of the rust issues and give this thing a solid sprucing up on the paint, we will let the 6 figure restoration jobs go to the experts.

Just a couple more photos of the doors after cutting and buffing the clear coat.

I did shoot another coat of primer-surfacer on the rear part of the body so that I can get the color on the rear soon. Each week we are getting closer to finishing up with clear coat and the re-assembly process of the entire car.

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