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10 Liter Ultrasonic Cleaner for Small Parts

Updated: Apr 6

The old ultrasonic cleaner, while very useful, needed and upgrade.

After going through the series of cleanings of all those carburetor parts (see the posts for the Holley 4000s) I decided it was time to upgrade to a larger ultrasonic cleaner that had more size and better operational features. Looking at quite a few options, I settled on a "non-descript" unit from eBay for about $100. There are video links in this post so that you can both see and hear the review I give this valuable tool for the shop. I split up the review/results into three edited videos for brevity's sake. The first video includes the basic setup and features, and it also describes a few of the differences between this new model and the one from Harbor Freight that I have used for several years.

In part 2 the first cycle's results were pretty good, with subsequent cycles revealing the full capability of this ultrasonic cleaner. I thought I would have to use a brush to dislodge all of the leftover crud from the parts, but this new cleaner is so powerful all it took was water spray from a residential spigot to rinse off the residue. Awesome!

And below, I have a final results video that also shows a little of the process for draining and cleaning the tank. I was amazed to find that I could go through so many cleaning cycles and still experience the same results as I did in the first cycle when the solution was 100% virgin. My theory is that the sound waves do more to actually remove/loosen the crud than the de-greasing solution performs. If you own a Y block powered vehicle, you know how filthy the crankcase breather can be after years of use. The old paraffin based oils had a tendency to leave a thick crud on the inside of the tube. Check out the results in the video... the breather tube was one of the last items to cycle through the unit.

Link to the online auction site purchase: Ultrasonic Cleaner

The Hot Rod Reverend

aka Daniel Jessup


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